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Guten tag!

My name is Hans. In my country, the first day of school is extra-fun because all the kids get their very own Schultuete. It is a big cone filled with candy and school supplies! In the fall, we celebrate Oktoberfest. It is a huge festival with carnivals, parades and good things to eat like Bratwurst (sausage) and dumplings!

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Kak Dela? (How are you?)

My name is Sasha and my country is the largest in the world. It is very cold so we have to bundle up in our warmest coats. I never leave home without my Matryoshka Dolls! They stack so that when you open one doll, more and more are nested inside. I love to give them each their own name!

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Halo! Apa Khabar? (Hi! How are you?)

My name is Nadia and my country is located in Southeast Asia. The country where I love has the world’s oldest rainforest. We also have many traditions and one of them is walking on stilts. It’s one of my favorite activities because I feel as tall as the mountains! Sometimes I even get to walk on them during parades!