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Meet Circle of Friends Pineapple

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Selamat pagi! (she-la-maht PAH-gee)!

My name is Pia and puppet theatre is popular in my country. My father is a “Dalang,” or puppeteer. For my birthday I always ask him to put on a show with special shadow puppets. For hundreds of years, shadow puppets have been used in our country to tell Hindu stories!

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Dia duit! (hello)!

My name is Ciara and I live in a country nicknamed “The Emerald Isle.” So many things grow there that, in many places, everything looks completely green! My favorite activity is step dancing, where you try to stay very still while only moving your feet!

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¿Cómo estás?

My name is Sofia and my country was the first to introduce chocolate, chilies and corn to the rest of the world. The people of my country love to sing, dance and play instruments, especially on Cinco de Mayo, one of our most popular holidays. My favorite instrument to play is the guitar. I love creating my own songs!