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Tough to comb, brush, detangle
Dryness • Frizziness

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¿Cómo estás?

My name is Rosa and my country is the 3rd largest in Europe. I live in the Flamenco capital of my country. There are thousands of festivals all over my country every year, and there is flamenco dancing at many of them. I just got a new flamenco dress! I love the bright color and wearing a flower in my hair!

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Ni hao!

My name is Mei. I live with my family in an apartment in Beijing, our capital city. My country has the largest population in the world! My favorite time of year is when we celebrate the New Year. We have lion dances, acrobatics, stilt walking and special yummy foods like Jin Dui (sesame cookies)!

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¡Buenos días!

My name is Ana. I live with my parents, three brothers and grandfather in Central America. My friends and I like to hide among the banana trees that are found all over our country. Monkeys – we call them “monos” – love to eat bananas (me too!) so I see a lot of them when I’m out playing. Next week we’re going to visit Arenal, a volcano!