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Dry, brittle & damaged hair due to
exposure to sun, chlorine & sea salt

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Meet Circle of Friends Swimmers

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G’day mate!

My name is Kylie and I live in a beach city called Cairns. Our house is close to the Pacific Ocean. The water is warm here, so I’ve been swimming and snorkeling my whole life. The best places to snorkel are along the Great Barrier Reef. Thousands of different kinds of fish and sea creatures live there.

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Hello there!

My name is George and I live in Dover, the “lock and key” to my country. My town is famous for our White Cliffs that can be seen all the way from France! The cliffs overlook the English Channel. I like to swim in the waters by my town. People come to my town from all over the world to swim. I want to swim all the way to France when I get older!

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Hoe gaat het? (How are you?)

My name is Emma, and I live in the city of Amsterdam. My city is built on islands, and canals run throughout it. With so much water around, it’s not surprising that swimming is a popular sport here. I love to practice with my swim team!